Today is Saturday, June 6th, 2015.

I met with M and we talked a lot about the 8th Step.  About me being at the top of my list and what it means to have harmed oneself.  When painting a mural, I think I am not ever harming myself.  I am in my element of painting a wonderful theme or scene from nature.  It’s that which leads up to the point before painting.  That is pricing what it’s worth.  What I’m worth.  What my time and developed talents are worth.

After all, I have gone to college just to formerly learn Classical Art and even how to teach Art.  So I am a fine artist and a teacher.  I can teach anyone who thinks they are not an artist to find that artist within.

We can express our emotions through artwork, whether it be a formal drawing or just an expressive painting.  What about collage?  Color wheel painting.  That’s right, I remember when one of my assignments in college was just to create a proper color wheel.

Another assignment was to create paint from powder and the oil or water that carried the color onto the canvas or the paper.

So, I am working on this blog to remember my Artistic Development and to journal where I am at now that I’m not exactly creating a lot of product/ art murals, book covers, or painting shoes.  But my artist is thoroughly alive within me through my visions in every aspect of my life.  Why today, while getting dressed, I realized I am a “Living Sculpture”  When I clothe myself, that is my canvas of creation.  I put the colors and patterns together that please my mood and my walkabouts for that day.  My hair is another form of art.  The jewelry I choose to coordinate with my outfit is yet another choice of visual experience or experimentation until I am satisfied with the choreography of shapes, colors and concept of the entire look, head to toe.

I am an artwork.  A moving, breathing form of art ~ Oh yes, I painted flowers on top of my nail polish too.  This was in direct reference and expression of the season which I am thoroughly enjoying while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Springtime in the Rockies.  Lovely flowers, smells, green trees, and anywhere I can find a flowing river or fountain.  That is where you will find me writing my blog.

I just heard about a new movie theater that opened in the rail yard area and I’m going to take myself out to a movie this evening and enjoy the spacious comfortable seats.  TallyHo for now my darlings.