Illustration for book cover

Do you need a special illustration for a one-of-a-kind character for your story?  Here is one I created for a book/ story.  Her name is Audrey and she has a special sassy look.  You can search stock images forever, but you will never find Audrey for sale.  she was sold to one special client and has publishing rights exclusive to the person who wrote her story.




Mural of Northern Italy

This is a mural I was contracted to paint on a restaurant wall.  I was living in Vero Beach, Florida at the time.  I keep asking myself what happened when I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  That is not difficult to answer.  Many personal losses occurred and I no longer had all my beautiful painting materials, ladders and other tools I had purchased over the years.  Nowhere to store it all either when I moved here.

Intimidated by the incredible artists here in Santa Fe, I gave up even trying to compete to look for mural work.  That doesn’t mean I can’t still paint.  I can.

So, what have I been doing since I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ about July 2013?  I’ve been doing healing work on myself to recover from the devastating losses I incurred from losing my beautiful family home located in Vero Beach, Florida.  I have not been able to even talk about it until now, May 2017.  This might be all I want to reveal four years later.  But one thing I do know is I want to paint on walls again.

What might this mean for you?  In your home, your office, or a sacred space, can you imagine a beautiful nature scene right inside or outside of your lovely home/ office/ or sacred space?  Sometimes I think how nice it would be to even paint an enhancement around a kitchen window that you might look out of in the morning.  Embellished with some lovely flowers, vines or perhaps a pattern which you would enjoy having in your view on a regular basis.

Here’s another idea that you might like to see in your “Sacred Space.”  A wall or portion of a wall with a Sacred Geometry design.  Or what about your HoroscopeSign Painted on a wall in front of you as you perform your rituals or ceremonies or meditations?  It’s wonderful to have an installation on your wall that is not removable but always there.

Please feel free to contact me by way of my email address listed on my “CONTACT” tab of my website.  And I will send you my personal phone number to chat about the possibilities.

Or you may fill out this form and submit a comment or question you might have, and I will contact you.



Today is Saturday, June 6th, 2015.

I met with M and we talked a lot about the 8th Step.  About me being at the top of my list and what it means to have harmed oneself.  When painting a mural, I think I am not ever harming myself.  I am in my element of painting a wonderful theme or scene from nature.  It’s that which leads up to the point before painting.  That is pricing what it’s worth.  What I’m worth.  What my time and developed talents are worth.

After all, I have gone to college just to formerly learn Classical Art and even how to teach Art.  So I am a fine artist and a teacher.  I can teach anyone who thinks they are not an artist to find that artist within.

We can express our emotions through artwork, whether it be a formal drawing or just an expressive painting.  What about collage?  Color wheel painting.  That’s right, I remember when one of my assignments in college was just to create a proper color wheel.

Another assignment was to create paint from powder and the oil or water that carried the color onto the canvas or the paper.

So, I am working on this blog to remember my Artistic Development and to journal where I am at now that I’m not exactly creating a lot of product/ art murals, book covers, or painting shoes.  But my artist is thoroughly alive within me through my visions in every aspect of my life.  Why today, while getting dressed, I realized I am a “Living Sculpture”  When I clothe myself, that is my canvas of creation.  I put the colors and patterns together that please my mood and my walkabouts for that day.  My hair is another form of art.  The jewelry I choose to coordinate with my outfit is yet another choice of visual experience or experimentation until I am satisfied with the choreography of shapes, colors and concept of the entire look, head to toe.

I am an artwork.  A moving, breathing form of art ~ Oh yes, I painted flowers on top of my nail polish too.  This was in direct reference and expression of the season which I am thoroughly enjoying while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Springtime in the Rockies.  Lovely flowers, smells, green trees, and anywhere I can find a flowing river or fountain.  That is where you will find me writing my blog.

I just heard about a new movie theater that opened in the rail yard area and I’m going to take myself out to a movie this evening and enjoy the spacious comfortable seats.  TallyHo for now my darlings.